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Should Your Company Have a Blog?


• One in three online users read blogs at least once a month, while 18% comment on them. Blog readers as a group grew by nearly 50% over this past year. (Quoted from Forrester Research: October 20, 2008)

• Blogs influence purchases: One half (50 percent) of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information.
According to the study, blogs factor into critical stages of the purchase process. (Quoted from BuzzLogic: October 28, 2008)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the biggest advantages of having a blog. Because blog content is updated frequently, blogs have some built-in search engine benefits. 

• You can establish a more personal connection with your potential customers and keep them informed about your products and services.


Maintaining a blog is a big commitment. Make sure you can post at least 2-3 entries per week, which means you have to have someone with good writing skills available to manage the process. If your blog gets neglected, it will reflect poorly on your business. A lot of larger companies hire professional writers.

Blog options:

Free blogging platforms. Ex. Blogger - generic, no integration with your website.

Simple custom blogs. No archive, comments or social media integration, but has a unique look that is consistent with your brand. Ex. Boxerwallah.

Fully personalized blog. Ex. Stationers Guild.

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