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I want my logo look like Chanel’s

Often, when asked what kind of look they want for their brand, clients point to Chanel because it represents simple, timeless elegance. As Coco herself defines it, “fashion passes; style remains.” Furthermore, almost every tiny upstart like Bill’s Style from the Bronx wants to be Chanel – to exude sophistication, romance, sexiness, glamour and beauty. However, what works for Chanel may not work for Bill.

Chanel has a powerful story. In fact, it is precisely the legend behind the brand that makes elements such as the font or logo so appealing.

Simplicity and chic in Chanel’s case is backed up by impeccable attention to details and a huge budget to execute photo shoots and marketing campaigns. Most upstarts don’t have means to hire a supermodel or a stylist for their photo shoot. The likely scenario is that they barely afford a semi-professional photographer. When these substandard images are combined with a Chanel logo or font imitation, the end result falls flat.


  • Imitations always look like imitations and generally they look cheap.
  • Directly borrowing from a brand may lead to copyright infringement issues.
  • Quality costs money.
  • Tell your story, start your own legend, and surprise the world with your creativity.
Chanel. History of the company
Chanel font


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