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What would a New Yorker say about your website?

“Get to the point.” New Yorkers streamline their lives to the minute, and become short fuses when anything disturbs their daily commute. If you want to get their attention, do it quickly before they cut you off and move on. … Continue reading

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A recent article by the BBC states that by 2016 the web economy will double with 80% of internet users accessing the web using a mobile device. At the moment, it seems as though businesses need their own app to … Continue reading

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A Network of Associations: Where Does Your Idea Stand

How do ideas spread? Why do some ideas catch fire while others recede into obscurity? If you have ever had a great idea for a business or product, you may have wondered, anxiously or eagerly, if this idea will ever … Continue reading

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11 Common Web Design Mistakes (Blunders)

Brujo Owoh discusses what are the elements of a good website and highlights 11 web design blunders that web developers and designers make and some suggestions how these mistakes can be easily avoided. via

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