• Inguna is a perfect designer to work with. She is very careful to listen to exactly what you want and then has all the skills to deliver it—often better than you imagined! John Breen
    founder of The Hunger Site
  • Although I do much of my own design work for websites I administer, I will always engage a professional designer if I need a website that is cutting-edge and responsive to the needs of diverse audiences.  Having worked closely - yet remotely - with Inguna Trepsa and AnteMeridiem Design for more than 6 years, I have never failed to be amazed at the  quality of her designs and page architecture.  It is fresh, visceral and intuitive and displays a clear knowledge of how consumers react to digital media. Inguna inspires excellence. Richard May, Connecticut, CT
  • I was so surprised to see what you did. I couldn’t believe it. It’s great, I’m so pleased. Being a creative and a past art director in advertising, I’m always critical about design, etc. I love your work. So sophisticated and balanced with light, color, texture, type font. I love the refllection of the pictures and the key lighting coming down from the upper right... so many fine details you’ve added as design elements. WOW!!!
    Thank you.
    Daniel Cooperbey, NY
  • Ante Meridiem Design met our expectations in every way possible. We came to Inguna with a vision and she was able to help us realize it fully. The working relationship with Ante Meridiem was responsive, prompt, and exceedingly efficient, allowing our site to develop from it's initial conception to our own business before our eyes. You guys have been fantastic. Raeanne and Vance
  • They understood our business model from the beginning. Most importantly, each modification introduced that special detail that makes all the difference. They created the website we where dreaming about!! Angelo Fernandes
  • I searched all over the internet for a website designer and chose Inguna Trepsa of Ante Meridiem not only for the clarity of her designs but also for her ability to find the right look for a variety of different websites. A lot of website designers do one thing well... Inguna does everything well. Peter Moore Smith
    the author of “Raveling”
  • ... and if there existed an Oscar for beautiful holistic websites, then it would have to go to you! You have truly translated the feeling that I wanted to flow from the pages. Sonam, NYC
  • Inguna has brilliantly transformed my music into a magnificent work of art. She has captured my essence and that of my music. Her tremendous talent and soulful approach are evidenced in her work. The responses to my new website have been overwhelmingly wonderful. I am so grateful to have found her. Viki Scudieri, NYC
  • Without Inguna’s patience and creativity our website would just be another clothing site with cool tee shirts. Because of Inguna, we have a website that speaks to our consumer in our language. We are forever grateful for Inguna’s unique insight and expertise. She is now part of ourToe Tag family forever. Simone R and Christina P
    The Girls at TTC
  • Ante Meridiem Design created a beautiful and functional website that has helped our program flourish. Inguna has a unique vision and focuses her attention to each client's specific needs in order to create something truly original. Ali Berman, NYC
  • We would always look forward to opening Inguna's boards. Her lush design work always left us breathless. She is a master at creating painterly surfaces with pixels. She blends art into technology effortlessly and she works incredibly quickly. Her concise communication and ability to thoughtfully expand the initial vision of the piece into something visually delicious have been appreciated time and again. Nina Zito
    Creative Direction at Adagio Teas
  • Inguna Trepsa has numerous times rescued us from the pit of bad taste. Her work is always sensitive and tasteful, but can be vibrant too, when needed. In addition, her professionalism has been beyond reproach, her promises kept, her deadlines met. We turn to her first, when advice and website design are needed. Daniel Entin, Executive Director
    Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York
  • I just wanted to let you know how much people enjoy the website! Just today a new patient told this: “If you are only half as good as your web site, I know that acupuncture will work.” He gets similar comments every week. Someone has called from England to make an appointment for his brother who lives in Rochester. People are really impressed and it’s bringing in patients every week. Renata Rooney, Rochester
  • Inguna is professional, easy to work with, and extraordinarily talented. Our website transformed, is now inviting and vibrant. Ante Meridiem Design captured what our organization represents. Janine Motta
    Animal Protection League of NJ
  • Working with Inguna was an excellent experience.  She was able to get in my head and understand my vision, but also knew when to guide me on the right choices during the development of the web site. Throughout the process, I was very excited to see the beautiful designs each phase of the project. Each page would come out better than I'd hoped. Also Inguna was so easy to work with. She was responsive, worked fast and the price was so reasonable. Andrea DeBellis

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