Ante Meridiem Design provides a wide range of custom media solutions for web and print including custom web design, website development & maintenance, e-commerce, CMS solutions, blogs, banners and custom graphics, audio and video streaming, photo slideshows & photo-illustration, based on extensive practical experience with web technologies.

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Designing for the web is a love affair between a designer and a programmer. In the beginning they are as far from each other as the Ganges and the Brahmaputra: design is about creativity, inspiration, imagination; code is about, you know, the mathematical stuff. Then, gradually, being forced to work together, they start to reveal their true nature: they are both about — SIGNS. Signs, patterns, rhythms — that’s what the world is made of. Each activity, each being has a distinct pattern which makes it recognizable within the endless fabric of life.

But as with survival of the fittest, some patterns rule, affecting us deeply and leaving a long-lasting impression, while others fade away quickly and without a trace. To reveal the uniqueness of the pattern, to impress it upon the web (world wide, that is :-)), beauty and precision — design and code — must come together, like the Brahmaputra and the Ganges, before flowing into the ocean. This is where I find meaning and joy in my work.

Client’s testimonial

I searched all over the internet for a website designer and chose Inguna Trepša of Ante Meridiem not only for the clarity of her designs but also for her ability to find the right look for a variety of different websites. A lot of website designers do one thing well... Inguna does everything well.

Peter Moore Smith
the author of “Raveling”

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